Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Character Vlien

Hi visitor(s),

- 25 August 2006 -
I choose the cutest female char, that was available a bunny. Her original hair colour is blue, so I choose green.

After that I started with the practice phase, also called 'Training Camp'. This is the starting menu to enter the game:

What surprised me the most about this game is that leveling hardly takes an effort, by finishing a few quests you can level very fast. This was the quest to collect paper by drilling:

I stopped playing, after I finished the 'Training Camp'.

- 26 August 2006 -
I discovered that I received a graduation hat, the day before so I put that on. This is my equip:

I'm lvl 5 here with lvl 1 equipment on.

Since it's my first time in 'Coral Beach' everything was new. I traded for the first time (received a hat from a very sweet person)...

joined his party...

traveled to 'Desert Beach'...

and fainted (this is so cute, see the tongue sticking out of her mouth?).

Back in 'Coral Beach', I changed my outfit to that of a lvl 10.

I also bought a penguin later. All the pets are so cute! I can't wait till I can have a rabbit as pet.

- 28 August 2006 -
Today is getting to know the TM points for skills and bonuspoints to improve the stats from my char.

I bought a few skill cards and equiped them. During fighting I earned some TM points with those I could lvl the skills.

Each time you lvl you'll receive bonuspoints, but I didn't do anything with it because I didn't know how to divide it and where. So after some research I added the bonuspoints in 'My view'. Never thought lvling a certain aspect would make my char so strong.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Changed Layout to Trickster

Hi visitor(s),

I'm into Trickster now, so going to stop playing Lineage II. There are just too little people playing that game... Maybe one day I'll continue playing it.

I haven't edited any screenshots from Trickster accept for the layout. So an update and info about my char will come another day.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Bored... No Drive... Because it's not cute?

Hi visitor(s),

Updating is almost a burden right now... Why? I've edited the screenshots, but making time to post it is annoying. Oh, well... Here's an update.

- 18 August 2006 -
Another day of Lineage II, it's quiet out there. It's maybe because of the players, that go online on irregular times or just because it is starting to get boring... Than why don't I find MapleStory boring? Because it's cute?

Vlien revives Goupix


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yeah! A layout and first post about my char!

Hi visitor(s),

- 07 August 2006 -
Today, I created another char. I made a mistake by choosing mystic instead of fighter the day before. If being an archer is possible in a game, I choose to be an archer so Vlieny was created a female elven fighter.

During my first day of playing Lineage II. I didn't read much, wasn't in the mood to read a lot of quests and about how the char really works. I just followed the arrows so to speak and killed a few monsters. When I sat down to heal, I decided to start reading things. I checked out my inventory and stats. In the same window on another tab, there were icons with different kind of social behaviour like greeting and crying. The char can express emotions, but it can also move in a certain way like sitting down and run. It's fun to express them to another player.

"Hello", says Vlieny to Goupix

Vlieny and Link sitting down

Later that day I partied for half an hour with Goupix and Link. They are the same person, but the chars are different. Goupix is an elven mystic and Link a dark elven archer. Dark Elves look so cool!

- 12 August 2006 -
I wanted to play on the 10th and the 11th only I couldn't log in to the Skyline server. Still don't know why I couldn't log in, but I can now. *smile*

Link shooting an arrow

And me in a new outfit and bow


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coming soon

Hi visitor(s),

A post about character Vlieny is coming soon. First I have to create a fitting layout for this page.